Tuesday, January 25, 2011

'How to Fight Lonliness'

It's seven fifty eight, Wilco is blaring in my head phones and I am, for once, not watching Jeopardy (*GASP*). For those of you who care enough to read my monotonous ramblings, please, pull up a chair, a sofa, a mat if that be your wish. Sit back, relax, and silently judge the buffoon who babbles to himself.

First off, the politicalization of schools kinda really bugs me. We sit in English class and guess what, every thing we read that isn't directly literature based has a liberal context.  The affiliation of its bias doesn't really bother me as so much as the sheer extremist views and unequal representation that keeps occurring. My social studies classes, my health class, every year I have something that is just totally abrasive bias, and it annoys the fire out of me. Honestly, an article in which the author seems to be embracing the disappearance of the traditional American family has no context with our class. Maybe that's just my bias. But on a separate note, embracing bad things just because they keep happening seems rather stupid to me too.

Next on my never ending list of things to rant about is stupid people. I am not talking about those who lack ability in the areas taught at school, but rather those who lack purpose in life other then to mess stuff up for others. Maybe selfish would be a better word. Hypocritical. It amazes me how fake people still manage to be. I guess I'm still finding out who my friends are, though by this point, I really had hoped to be past that. The only other thing I am going to say about that is, if you think negative things about me or my other friends, first off, don't act like you're my friend. I, contrary to popular opinion, am not stupid. Keep your complaints to yourself while you're at it. If word is getting back to me, then your 'friends' can't keep secrets either. Says a lot about you .

Finally, well, there's not much else tonight. I'm writing this out of imagined obligation and to prove to my girlfriend I can stick with something for at least a decent amount of time. On that note, I'm off to more important things and conversations.

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