Saturday, January 22, 2011

You and I, living in 'Someone Else's Song'

It is that time again, gather around your computer screens in feigned interest, put on your reading glasses and your thinking caps, place your hot chocolate in a safe place, for once again, more ramblings are on their way.

I decided to officially start blogging today. It is a rather interesting concept to me, because it forces me to assume others may be interested in what I have to say. As interesting as I believe myself, this is a rather foreign idea to me. We do live in America I suppose, we have every right to assume that we are fanatically intriguing, and I suppose on some level we may all be. But truely, before we continue, I'd like to thank anyone who spends thier time reading my ramblings. It's very much appreciated.

And with that, I have several things on my mind today. Time, success, and living weigh most heavily on me, so beginning with the beginning, I shall discuss time first.

Time is a seemingly uniform thing. We have turned keeping track of it to almost a scientific art, and a precise one at that. But upon reflection, I see time as a more fickle and abstract thing. I have been here my entire life, which, to me, seems like a long time. Then again, it has only been a tad under 16 years. In the grand scheme of things that is nothing. I will finish high school in 2 and a half years, and most likely be done with school in general in 7 or 8. What have I done with this time? None of my actions can be deemed world changing. I haven't pushed anybody to the edge of enlightenment, haven't done any great good. I'm a little less than a fourth of the way through my life. I look forward to the future, but even that seems so vague and abstract that i rarely look very far. All thats in front of us is the rest of our lives. But then again, thats all we have. Looking both forward and back, all I can say is that I hope the next three fourths are equally if not more happy, and alot more productive.

Speaking of productivity, the next issue on my mind is success. The word has many different definitions, possibly as many as there are people in the world. I have thought hard about it recently. Money does not make you successful, even though many wish to use it as a measuring stick to determine your success. A nice house, a white picket fence, the bmw in the drive way, in the long run those mean nothing. I've decided there are only two things that can be considered a success. The first is happiness. If you are not happy, then you are most likely not successful. The second is setting precedent. Changing the world, doing somethign so that someone else will back on you in admiration or respect or fear. Most people are remembered by those in thier generation, but after three have passed, most are gone from memory. To be happy and to be remembered. I think that is the hopes of man kind, and through those, I qualify success.

Branching off from success, I ponder the point of life. I question what can truely be difined as living. I suppose we must start with the medical definition. A pulse, a heartbeat, maybe brain function. But surely that cannot be it. I dotn qualify existing as living. No. To live, I go back to the two goals stated above, we must search for happiness and precedent. The pursuit of happiness is known in this country as a God given right, unalienable by man. And yet, the search for these two drains so many in vain searches that many choose not to search at all. The reason this happens? We look in the wrong places. I have realized three things can make people happy. The first is God, but even mentioning that fact will most likely make me a taboo subject and maybe cost me any backing from the democratic party, but I believe it anyway. The second is through loved ones, a spouse, family, friends, those who we really believe in, can truely trust. And finally, we have music. I don't know of anyone who doesn't like music, who can't be spoken to or connect to it in some way. The three of these are needs programed into us. We need them, and yet over look them constantly in search for the shiny and vain. I don't know what I'm doing to do in my life. I can't tell you my future career, my full ambition. But I know where the three of these lie with me, and I believe they will stay there forever.

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