Thursday, March 24, 2011

falling forward

It has been an odd couple of weeks for me. I havent posted anything in almost 2 months, I have been slacking. I know. I have been in interestign patterns of thought, most of them far from myself. As I have said before, blogging is a rather obscure art to me. I  have issue assuming people want to read about my stupidly cliche life.

But with that, I come to a moment of explination. I have lost myself over the last bit of time. Slowly been forgetting who I really am. I am a confident person, definately not shy, not someone who easily bends, but I kept getting to the point where I would throw away everything I have for someone who wouldnt for me. So I stopped. This in and of its self is hard. Notice I didnt say that I was unhappy, or that everythign sucked. I suppose there is a time when we realize whether things are right or not, the people who do well go with that feeling.

Next on my mind is the fact that I hate stupid people. Well, not stupid as in mentally handicapped, but as in ignorent.  I dislike people who assume that they know everything, or at least more then anyone else in the room. I dont like people who run thier mouths all the time. Knowing when to shut up is a valuable skill. I wish it was a common one.

I have a headache at the moment. Most likely its from drinking mtn dew. As I say that though, I am of course picking up said beverage and drinking more. funny how life works like that isnt it? Life does that alot. We stay with comfortable things. Things we like even though they arent nessiccarily good for us. One day we all have to move on though. We have to grow up. Gotta keep moving forward. Thats what im trying to do. If I gotta die on this road, I'm gonna die falling forward.

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