Saturday, July 16, 2011

You and I and Harry Potter

Oh goodness, what is this sudden disturbance in the force? What dark change is occurring to disrupt to relative peace the world has maintained? Thats right. Another post is coming, another pensive discussion with myself you all get to jeer at. So come, pull up a chair, a log or a pillow if that be your thing. Grad your coffee or pitchforks, how ever it is you start your day off, and lets begin.

Its 11:25 on a Saturday morning. Ive had the same Black Keys song on repeat for 17 minutes.

I saw the final Harry Potter movie yesterday, and it was quite amazing. I will say though, it made me think a lot more then I would have anticipated. First off, the childhood of my generation is fading fast. We are all around the same age as dear old Harry and his friends. It is a startling realization, that we are closer to adulthood then we are to being children. The thought brings both a thrill and some feeling of ominous foreboding. It also caused me to reflect on what we have done as a generation. I myself have accomplished no great thing thus far in my life. No world has been saved due in any part to me. No dark powers fought off.  Sadly, most of the time, we are lucky to have people stand up for what they know to be right under the regular circumstances of our average lives. This thought saddened me. After all, Harry does right and he doesn't even exist. He has no real morals, no real motivations in his life, and yet we believe him almost totally altruistic. How much better can we do then, seeing as we are living breathing compassionate and moral souls? Just food for the thought i suppose.

The other thought i had while watching the movie is about how fast society disintegrated in the books. In the span from Voldemort's return at the end of book 4 to the beginning of book 7, a span of a little more then two years, society crumbles and a new order takes place. My natural first instinct when thinking about this was that it is ridiculous. There is no way a world order could fall so quickly into chaos, that society was really so able to disintegrate into a panicked and fear based socio-anarchy. But the more i thought about it, the more real it became to me. Poor and twisted leaders can do great damage to the structure of the world. We need to be careful who we put in charge, and make sure they really represent what we hold as important, other wise we may accidentally put the minion of the most powerful dark wizard the world has ever seen in control, and well, we all know what happens then (;

The last thought on my mind today is simply this, we aren't pieces of writing. We arent figures of someones imagination or words thrust onto a page, no matter how powerful some words may be. We are much more complex, much more real, and honestly we make much better stories. We look to stories such as those of Harry and others because they begin to connect up with the complexity of us. We get attached. We share the same dreams at the heart of the matter, to succeed, to change expectations, to make the world a better place, to find love. I think if we really strove to do it, we could have just as much impact in our lives as any character ever has, even if no one writes down our story.