Saturday, January 22, 2011

I am out of Meat Loaf (Dec 19, 2010)

It's time for one of my predictable yet pensive and melonchaouly rants about life... Pull up a chair, a corner, a shoulder. Come cry, come jeer at the cynic if that be your wish. And with that, here we go...

First off, I am out of meat loaf. This is as symbolic as it is literal. I have Chopins Nocturnes on repeat, and I can't stop thinking about this stupid meat loaf. And America. And relationships. Go figure.

 Starting in reverse order and then preceding 'willy nilly' I guess one could say. Relationships. I am begining to question them again. Its funny, we love them or hate them, often at the same time. I am not so narrow minded as to call a relationship that doesn't work a failure, it does after all teach. Hopefully both parties remain amiable afterwards. But my opinion changes however, when all that is managed to have is poor relationships. Looking for the wrong things in the right places will not get you both a right place and right person. Neither will going in the wrong direction looking for all the right things.  That also irks me at times. You see, it is very easy to find somethigin good while going in the wrong direction. It is very easy to just go with it, and lose where you are at, and where you plan to go. What needs to happen. You know, I believe it should be just as easy, if not more so, to take the right thing in the right direction, but for some reason it isn't. We can't seem to grasp the fact that unlike in math, a positive and a negative dont make a positive.

Next on the list I suppose is America.
Where are you? Where am I? What is going on this very second in every location in these United States? I don't know. I'd assume that there are people dying, and slightly more people being born. I'd assume there are homeless, and even more with homes. There's a large number of people complaining and not doing anything. Theres a large African American woman sueing McDonalds because they give her children toys, and she lacks the capacity to tell them no. Soldiers are dying, and few people think about that. Our Government is progressing into a polarized free for all fire fight of stupidity. The American dream is deteriorating and apprently no one cares. FOX news is spewing the lies of the Devil. Or is that CNN? Its so hard to keep track these days. Taxes are in limbo and so apprently are our souls. The funny thing is, I still consider my self an American. The dream is still strong in me. I'm not on the streets yet, it even appears I have a future ahead of me. My city has hundred if not thousands of new jobs coming to it over then next couple years. Im not saying things arent bad, but people seem afraid to keep on living. This is America, thats not how we work. I mean come on. We are a proud people right? We've been through harder, we've survived more extreme, and yet we still maintain the ability to whine like babies that the world is coming to an end with every side ways glance of a leader we don't agree with. If you want change, do it your self. You don't want your kids to eat happy meals, don't go to McDonalds. You're tired of sitting at home with your unemployment benefits running out? Get a job. Shocker right? They are out there. Get off your lazy butt and start looking.

And on that note, I am off of my chair and looking in my refigerator, vainly hoping that there is still a tupper wear container somewhere with more of this blissfully crafted meat loaf that I have devoured. It's actually really good on a sandwich. Or heated in the microwave. Heck, pretty much any way I could think to eat it, it was divine. And now I've eaten every last spec. I'm a glutton. I'll admit that. I would sit here and eat until I made myself sick. And I would love every minute of it. Thats how life is isnt it? We wear down the stuff we love till there is little left, but then we have this feeling that something is missing. I guess the secret is finding something a tad more enduring. A tad more real. Yes, maybe even better than this meat loaf.

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